June 8, 2023


Building the Team

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to work with good people.

From ClimateHaven’s 10-part charter, a quick reminder of No. 8:

8. Work with good people. Life is too short. More importantly, working on generational systemic change like climate change isn’t easy. Working with good people makes it much easier.

ClimateHaven is a community which makes the people the beating heart of a community that has embarked upon the challenging work of climate tech entrepreneurship. When you’re doing hard work, the right people can make all the difference in the world. To help you, empathize with you, guide you, and be there to do the hard work right alongside you.

As we build ClimateHaven, I can’t underestimate the importance of assembling the right team. Not a team. The right team. A group of folks who will embody our “work with good people” mantra and are uniquely qualified to make ClimateHaven a meaningful place for climate tech entrepreneurs doing tough work.

This team has to be motivated by the challenge of climate change. They must understand the challenge and technology’s unique role in addressing it. And they need to appreciate the burdens of entrepreneurship and the powerful role community can play in supporting brilliant climate tech founders.

All of which is why I’m honored and excited to welcome Casey R. Pickett as the Managing Director of ClimateHaven’s incubator program. Casey joins us from Yale University, where he served as the University’s Planetary Solutions Project Director, host of the Pricing Nature podcast, and Director of the Carbon Charge, the first internal carbon tax system in higher education. Prior to his work at Yale, Casey was the Director of Innovation for the State of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development., where he designed and helped build CTNext.

With a long history in innovation, a deep commitment to addressing climate change, and a passion for the City of New Haven, Casey is the ideal person to build our New Haven incubator and lead our operations. Above all else, I know Casey is the right hire because entrepreneurs will benefit from Casey’s leadership and presence.

Casey joins a team that includes Kiko Wong, who shifts over to the position of Startup Portfolio Manager; Eileen Smith, our intrepid Finance Manager; and Jenny Liu, our fabulous summer intern!

But we are not stopping there! We are searching for a Community Manager to join our team. The Community Manager will join Casey’s group, developing and managing inspiring and meaningful ways to bring our community of climate tech entrepreneurs together to learn from experts and one another, connect with climate tech leaders, and have fun!

I’m delighted to welcome Casey and can’t wait to welcome our community manager and future teammates.

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