September 28, 2023


ReGen Accelerator Launches to Fund and Scale Climate Technologies

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Kaplak and ClimateHaven are partnering to launch the ReGen Accelerator, a program for climate tech entrepreneurs.

Created by Kaplak, an investment and advisory firm based in Copenhagen and New York City, ReGen will launch two separate programs in 2024 at ClimateHaven, the climate tech incubator located in New Haven, CT. Each program will support 10 companies whose technologies meaningfully contribute to the most critical step towards building a regenerative economy: decarbonization.

Each program will provide resources and mentorship to address the unique challenges companies face in two distinct phases of their lifecycle: technology development and commercialization. The first program, ReGen for Startups, will run from April – June 2024 and focus on pre-seed and seed-stage founders tackling the challenge of technology development. The second program, ReGen for Scaleups, will run from September – November 2024 and will support Seed and Series A companies aiming to commercialize their technologies.

All participating startups will receive capital investment, customer introductions, access to a network of world-class mentors, and tailored guidance. Startups will also benefit from virtual sessions from Fortune Magazine's community for the next generation of purpose-driven executives.

In addition, the core programming of each track will bring startups together at ClimateHaven to engage in the Dreams and Details leadership framework developed by Mikael Trolle (former CEO, Volleyball Denmark) and Jim Hagemann Snabe (Chair, Siemens; Chair, Northvolt). Snabe used the Dreams & Details Leadership Framework in his role as Chairman to accelerate the transformation and decarbonization of businesses.

"When we wrote the book Dreams and Details, it was with the recognition that large organizations needed to reinvent themselves from a position of strength", says Snabe, who is also a founding partner at Kaplak. "With the launch of ReGen, we have a chance to bring our leadership experience to early-stage companies building at the forefront of the decarbonization revolution—which is the greatest business opportunity of our lifetime."

This program builds on Kaplak's previous success in startup acceleration following a decarbonization program with MassChallenge in 2023. "By building a venture accelerator, we see an opportunity to systematize and scale the advisory work we do," says Matt Hooper, Managing Director of Kaplak. "And by building our accelerator in collaboration with ClimateHaven, specifically, we're seizing a totally unique chance to launch our U.S. base of operations in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, in collaboration with incredible partners like Yale University and Connecticut Innovations. These partners share our vision for a net-zero future shaped by entrepreneurs."

As Ryan Dings, CEO of ClimateHaven, explains: "The Northeast Corridor possesses an incredible combination of people, capital, and policy, all of which are united around a genuine interest to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative one. Our partnership with Kaplak to create the ReGen Accelerator aims to follow through on that vision of building a regenerative economy by supporting a generation of breakthrough climate companies and the inspiring entrepreneurs leading them."

Upon graduation from the program, each company will also continue to work with a sector-specific 'Kaplak' advisor—a global business leader who offers subject matter expertise, leadership experience and connectivity to their global networks.

"We live in a moment of unparalleled technological progress in the global effort to move towards a circular economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," says Stig Pastwa, a founding partner of Kaplak and former partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. "And our approach to scaling the very companies building these technologies--through a proven leadership model, plus capital and continued mentorship and advisory at each stage of maturation—provides founders with unique support on their journey to scale."

Jesper Lok, Chair of Kaplak and former Chair of Nature Energy, identifies the new venture as a vital effort to build businesses that not only deliver value for investors and employees, but also society at large. "The great trends of our time are decarbonization and digitization across industry. And with ReGen, we have a chance to bring together our network and years of experience leading some of the world's largest companies, plus the Dreams and Details leadership model, in service of today's most visionary entrepreneurs."

The application portal for the ReGen for Startups track is now open. Interested companies are encouraged to apply for the Spring 2024 program here:

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