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Our incubator serves as a hub for climate innovation

Here, passionate individuals can access a nurturing environment and a range of resources needed to execute their visions. We provide networking opportunities, mentorship, technical expertise, and funding to support their novel startups.

Climate tech engineer working on machine
Climate tech collaboration and teamwork

We foster a culture of collaboration

Our entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded peers, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that will accelerate the pace of innovation and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Mentors guide startups through every stage of their journey

Our goal is to establish a collaborative community of startups and investors, corporate partners, and mentors. As startups develop the innovations that will propel us toward decarbonization, our industry experts can provide insights and advice on the latest trends and technologies in the climate tech sector.

Climate tech collaboration and teamwork
Growing leaf representing climate tech incubator growth

At ClimateHaven, our focus is the entrepreneur

We’ve purposefully assembled a network of people, partners, investors, and resources. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs address and overcome the challenges that arise when developing new technologies at a pace that enables their venture to scale, thrive, and make a lasting impact.

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A healthy, sustainable, and resilient future is within reach, but we need your help to drive the innovation that will make it a reality.